Favourite Stratford cafes?


Edison's Cafe – 46 Ontario Street.

Balzac’s (the original one) – 149 Ontario St.

Revel – 37 Market Place.


Where to rent a bike?


Totally Spoke’D – 29 Ontario Street.


Where to find something uniquely Stratford?


The Milky Whey (yummy cheese) – 118 Ontario St.

Rheo Thompson (home of the chocolate mint smoothie) – 55 Albert.

Chocolate Barr’s – 55 George Street W.

Bradshaw’s (quality kitchen items) – 129 Ontario St.

Family & Co (old fashioned toy store) – 6 Ontario St.

Sinvention (erotic) – 390 Douro.


Where are the best patios?


Bentleys (friendly bar with lots of locals + small patio) – 99 Ontario St.

Fosters (popular with the Festival) – 111 Downie St.

Mercer Hall (big city feel) – 108 Ontario St.


Where to listen to some local music?

Molly Blooms (Burlesque Erotic Cabaret most Sundays - not to be missed) - 26 Brunswick St.

Boarshead (local haunt) – 161 Ontario St.


Where to eat?


Joe’s Diner (friendly) – 155 Erie Street.

Features Diner (friendly) – 159 Ontario St.

Foster’s Inn (more upscale) – 111 Downie St.



York Street Kitchen (yummy sandwiches) – 24 Erie St.

Sirkel Foods (yummy sandwiches & soups) – 40 Wellington.

Picnic lunch at the Cenotaph.



Pazzo’s (pizza and fun atmosphere) – 70 Ontario St.

Down the Street (funky for adults) – 30 Ontario St.

Mercer Hall (stylish eatery) – 108 Ontario St.

Bentley’s (leisure and family) – 99 Ontario St.

Foster’s Inn (cozy) – 111 Downie St.

Montforte (local food) – 80 Wellington.

Bruce Hotel (special night out) – 89 Parkview Drive.



Boomers (fries) – 26 Erie Street.

Larry’s (old time ice cream) – 49 York Street.

Scoopers (ice cream favorite of Justin Bieber) – 28 Erie St.

Honey Tree (yummy cinnamon buns) – 131 Albert Street.



The Local Co-op (local grub) – 129 Downie St

Food Basics (best prices but not walking distance – 5 minute drive) – 925 Ontario.


Where to go for a day away?


Swim at a Rock Quarry in St Mary’s (20 minute drive).

Lay on a beautiful Lake Huron beach (35 minutes).

-    Grand Bend – best sand and largest (45 minutes).

-    Bayfield  - quiet, small and a bit rocky (55 minutes).

-    Goderich – good sand and good waves (45 minutes).

Walk the St Mary’s railroad (20 minute drive).

McCulley’s Farm on the way to St Mary’s (15 minutes).

Mountain bike and/or canoe Wildwood Lake (15 minutes).

Anna Maes in Millbank - old-fashioned dinner (20 minutes).

Shopping in quaint Bayfield (40 minutes).

Watch a movie at the Shipka drive-in (55 minutes).


What are some play ideas?


Run the path around Lake Victoria (5 kilometers).

Hike the TJ Dolan Natural Area (5 minutes away).

Paddle down the canal and lake (SUP board available).

Throw football, baseball or Frisbee at Central field.

Take in a play at the Stratford Festival or Factory 163.

Workout at the YMCA – 204 Downie Street.

Swim outdoors at the Lion’s pool, just down the street.

View art exhibition at Agora Art Gallery – 17 Market Place.

Learn to paint at Gallery Stratford – 54 Romeo Street S.

Golf the muni or country club.

Tour the Stratford Festival warehouse.

Geocache the cemetery.

Take a  downtown walking tour (Shakespeare Gardens, Courthouse, Library, Jail, Cenotaph).

Picnic by the lake.


What are some chill ideas?


Breathe and let go at the Yoga Collective – 42 Wellington St.

Pamper yourself with a pedicure at La Debonaire (155 Ontario St.) and a massage with Samantha Mount (117 Waterloo St.).

Pick up an assortment of cheeses from the Milky Whey (118 Ontario) and taste with some nice wine from the LCBO (91 Wellington) or local beer from the Black Swan the local brewery (144 Downie).

Stay home, grab a book, open the shutters on the porch and just try to stay awake.